We create Behavioral Architecture

Good spaces make for happier people. In the Nordics, we spend 80-90% of our lives indoors. So therefore the architecture of the rooms has a huge importance for our quality of life.
Rooms that have space for the whole person, provides a better quality of life. This is the essence of our area of ​​expertise: Behavioral architecture.
We are behavioral architects and create spaces that improve your quality of life.

We design with a background in behavioral architecture

Try to think back to a room where you felt safe and comfortable. If you stay in a room with dimmed lighting and low furniture, you will find that you speak more intimately and lower with your interlocutor.

If you walk past a wall with graffiti tags, you will have a greater inclination to tag right there because there are other tags already. You are influenced physically, psychologically and socially by your surroundings. The architecture shapes your behavior and your experiences. In English, the concept has been named Behavioral Design. We have chosen to call it Behavioral Architecture in Danish.

Behavioral architecture is a fundamental approach to the physical framework with a focus on increasing people's quality of life by using architecture strategically to support human behaviour.

Our approach to working with behavioral architecture is based on a scientific approach to the human body and psyche. We obtain important knowledge from areas such as psychology, sociology and anthropology and combine it with our architectural background.

In this amalgamation, we strive to design spaces that promote well-being and create new behavioral patterns for our customers.

It is important that our daily surroundings are aesthetic, have a good indoor climate and support the social community. We design based on evidence-based knowledge about the human body and psyche, because we know that this is what works.

We use behavioral architecture as tools to create well-being and health based on the whole person. It provides the highest possible quality of life in your home, at work and in the city.

As behavioral architecture specialists, we are very passionate about improving your quality of life. We do this by improving the physical spaces in which we stay every day.

Our field of work is the furnishing and transformation of business premises and residential communities, and we convey knowledge about behavioral architecture and design through exhibition curation and design, in TV appearances and as moderators for debates at professional events.

If behavioral architecture sounds like an exciting approach to the interior design of your company or common areas, we at Together Architecture are always ready to talk about what we can do for your company and the well-being of the employees.

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