Residential communities

The housing communities form small living communities where residents do not just share a roof and bricks. They also share Community, facilities og responsibility. At Together Architecture, we use evidence-based knowledge in everything we do and therefore know how to create communities that have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Explore our previous housing projects below.

the bridge-feau
Furnishing of common rooms in the Senior housing community Broen
the balance-feau
Furnishing of common rooms for the senior housing community Balancen

Housing communities for all times in life

In Denmark, interest in new and innovative housing communities is increasing. Sustainability, security and diversity are central topics that often describe the new types of housing. The housing communities form small living communities where residents do not just share a roof and bricks. They also share community, facilities and responsibilities, where the physical framework supports daily activities and socializing.

At Together Architecture, we use evidence-based knowledge and therefore know that communities have a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. For this reason, we give high priority to a thorough needs and function analysis in order to create a well-thought-out interior design concept that creates value for our customers.

Our experience in working with housing communities shows the importance of having formal concrete activities to gather around, because it gives the residents a sense of purpose and belonging. We also attach great importance to architecture and interior design supporting the spontaneous meetings that the residents, among other things, have. gives expression to creates security in everyday life.

The diversity in housing communities holds valuable opportunities. By securing space for different types of activities and events, all residents can find a community that suits their needs and feel included and valued. In the Balancen project, we have thus arranged a gathering house with a kitchen and space for everything from a yoga room to a dining room and morning meeting.

Our interior design concepts consist of carefully selected sustainable furniture as well as donations from the housing association's own residents. We create a common thread in the interior design and increase the sense of ownership from a sustainability perspective, namely recycling instead of throwing away.

At Together Architecture, we succeed in a successful interior design in a housing community when we help create a space where the residents feel like part of something bigger, where they can thrive and grow together. A living and dynamic society where people can feel at home at all times in life.

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