Work process
Work process

Together, we set goals for the project and define the project's organization and time horizon.

Based on the company's data, we analyze needs and desires for the office interior. Data can be both quantitative and qualitative data - this is decided from company to company. But it is important that data on culture, strategy and values ​​are included in the analysis, so that we ensure that there is a connection between interior design and strategy.

Based on the conclusion from the analysis, a unique concept is developed for the company. The concept contains design parameters, material mix and furniture types for the interior.

The concept is concretized with proposals for furniture, surfaces on walls, floors and ceilings as well as a detailed floor plan and lighting plan. 

Tenders and Procurement
Here, the tender strategy is determined, and tenders are sent out to the suppliers. On the basis of tenders, negotiations are made with suppliers and the final procurement is made. 

Moving in
Together Architecture is present when moving in and ensures quality assurance of purchased products and placement of furniture. 

The project is evaluated approx. 100 days after moving in and any adjustments are made. 


Today, work is not a place but an activity. Flexibility and variation are some of the watchwords for modern working life. The 8-hour working day from kl. 8-16 is being changed so that we work anywhere and anytime. It makes some very specific demands on the company's offices. There may be money to be saved on office rent and operations, but it is also necessary to offer employees a place to be that supports the company's culture and strategy.

We work with office design and behavior change based on evidence-based knowledge on how we can increase human well-being and productivity at work. We are always based on the individual company's strategy and values, so we ensure that there is consistency between the strategic and how the company is experienced internally and externally.

We are Together Architecture.
We design behavioral architecture for Business and Private homeowners and are Communicators of architectural knowledge.