Our working method is based on evidence-based knowledge about human behavior in the built environment.  Research is the foundation of all our solution proposals. In addition, we thoroughly analyze each individual task by asking open-ended questions to the client and exploring the best solution options. 

For larger assignments, we collect both qualitative and quantitative data, which we compare with the research to build a solid decision basis for the task solution. 

We prioritize an open and honest dialogue in the process, and often involve the craftsmen early in the process to make the project as buildable as possible.


Sustainability is an essential parameter in our work. And we work not only with sustainable building materials and fixtures, but also with the social and psychological aspect of sustainability. Because it means a lot to our body and mind how the social relationships work in a space and how our psyche is affected by materials and sensory impressions.

Together Architecture Method
Together Architecture Method
Interior for
the whole human being
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Sensual materials

Want to know more about Behavioral Architecture?

Behavior and space are intertwined. It matters where the bar is in the restaurant or, 
where the coffee machine is located in the company. 

With behavioral architecture, we consciously design spaces according to the behavior we want to promote and the experiences we want to create. We influence human experience and behavior with sensory impressions,
that comes through the choice of materials and the design of the space.

It is important that the surroundings are aesthetic, have a good indoor climate and support the social community. That is why we design based on evidence-based knowledge about the human body
and psyche.

Many of us are surrounded by screens on a daily basis, and our nervous system thirsts for sensory experiences and touch of natural materials. Sensory experiences help to reduce stress and make the spaces we spend many hours in attractive. And who does not want employees who thrive, or not just have a house, but a home? 

Our approach to Behavioral Architecture is based on the whole person. This means that we design the rooms so that you get the greatest possible quality of life in your home, at work or in the city. Here is room to have a bad day, be very outgoing or need silence. In other words, a whole person with many different needs.