We are Together Architecture
– because we bring people together in a better world


Behavioural architecture

We design beautiful and functional interiors,
which are physically, psychologically and socially sustainable.

Basically, we just want to create a better world,
a life worth living supported by the best possible environment.

A theme that we often converse passionately about and share our knowledge on TV, through talks and exhibitions,
in podcasts and in writing.

Come and sit next to me

The environments that we create are aesthetic, have a great indoor climate and bring us closer together.

On a daily basis we are surrounded by screens and often our nervous system is longing for sensory experiences and the touch of genuine materials. Sensory experiences can help reduce stress and make spaces, where we spend many hours, attractive. Who does not want thriving employees or not only a house, but a home?

We design based on knowledge about the human body and psyche and wish to build community and sense of belonging with the design.

Let’s collaborate

Our clients range from privately owned companies to public institutions, media and individuals.



We offer:

  • Interior and space design
  • Conceptual development of spaces, experiences and exhibitions
  • Curation of exhibitions
  • Exhibition design
  • Physical branding
  • Content and production of video and podcast
  • Talks, moderation and hosting
  • Project management; creative as well as financial


You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding meeting or with questions. We would very much like to hear from you.

Our values

Our values are very important to us. They work as the foundation for everything we do.



We will much rather listen to you than hear ourselves speak. Well, unless you ask us for very specific questions about our professional knowledge. An expert knowledge that we most voluntarily share.

At Together we show respect for each other. We respect the environment, the resources and the economy.



Thank you very much for reading this. For being interested. For living in a part of the world where we can immerse ourselves in the type of work that we find ever so exciting. Thank you to the best collaborators and the interesting projects we have solved. In short, thank you.



If it does not spark joy, then it does not matter. We only live once, and our lives need to be meaningful. Off course there are hiccups in a collaboration process, which often are animating development. But we need to finish with a smile. At Together our ambition is to enjoy a great deal of smiling.



We are not afraid to move in new directions and to invent new ways to obtain the best result. The fact that something is difficult or demanding, should never hold us back. We love when our clients challenge our competencies.

If you want to discuss interior design or concept development, please call or write to Anne Marie on:

amt@togetherarchitecture.com / +45 42770193

Do you wish to discuss about communication then you should speak to Frederikke. You can reach her on:

faa@togetherarchitecture.com/ + 45 28478545