Balanced life

Pension Danmark is the client for the project Balancen in Ry and Vandkunsten is the building architect. The project is a housing community consisting of 32 houses organized in small clusters around courtyards and with communal houses scattered throughout the settlement. The housing community is characterized by an active community of residents who are very committed to creating a community with a strong sustainability profile. We contribute to the Balancen with the interior design for the scheme's communal houses. The communal houses consist of: A meeting house with kitchen and a large flexible space that can be used for everything from yoga hall to dining room and morning assembly, an Orangeri and two guest rooms. The interior design concept consists of carefully selected sustainable furniture as well as donations from the community's residents. We have curated the selection so that a common thread and coherence is created in the design. And with the donations, we have put another perspective on the sustainable; namely, to recycle instead of throwing away. The interior design project is conceived as part of the overall resident involvement, and a significant effort in building the residents' community. The involvement process has two purposes: Kickstarter the building of a community among the future residents. Increase the ownership of the common rooms with the result that you take better care of the furniture.
The Balance