HTB Advokater

The law firm HTB_ is moving from newly built premises to a former mansion with classic Copenhagen qualities, such as tall panels, stucco and Dannebrog windows.

Together Architecture is responsible for the redesign of the premises. The ambition is to create an attractive office with lots of wauw effect that combines the modern with the classic and creates a good framework for the lawyers' daily lives with many meetings and telephone conversations. As well as clarifying the law firm's values ​​of making a positive difference humanly as well as professionally.

The values ​​are clear

The decor is based on the qualities of the new premises, the company's existing furniture and a large art collection. In addition, employees need social meeting places as well as formal spaces where they can meet with customers and partners.

The art collection has provided inspiration for the color choice. And bold colors have been used on furniture, carpets and curtains. The decor shows an overall whole, which signals courage and professionalism in the company.

Active player

The office environment is planned with a number of "conversation starters", for example the large red lights and the red door, which provides a breeding ground for conversation - even with people you do not know very well. This parameter makes the rooms seem inspiring and give something back to the users, so that they become an active partner in everyday life.