How to attract the right employees? The computer game company Playdead prioritises decorating itself in a homely and cozy way - where the employees like to go in susko, can choose freely in the fridge and then they have countless sauces and dressings to personalize the lunch with. It is an example of the clear value that one is an independent individual in a thriving community, where precisely the peculiarity is a force. It attracts exactly the creative and dedicated staff they need to be able to deliver their award-winning computer games. The special thing is very much about offering a work environment that has personality and that supports the physical, mental and social work needs of the employees. Playdead grows and moves into larger premises in Jorcks Passage. Together helped to remodel and furnish their offices with a wealth of sensory experiences that allow one to work both concentrated individually or in groups and meet on a more informal level in the kitchen, living room or dining area.

Lots of homeliness

The varied room types mean that there is room for many different types of employees, both the extroverts and the introverts. The focus is on the social meeting places that are used as a kickstarter to maintain and raise the level of innovation in the company. This choice is supported by research. Research shows that random encounters between employees in the social zones both help to break down silos and create better knowledge sharing and a breeding ground for innovation. The interior design is homely, and therefore we see furniture and artifacts that you do not associate with a normal office landscape, but rather that you find in a home.