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Audio specialists in behavioral architecture we are very passionate about improving your quality of life. Our field of work is the interior design and transformation of business premises and residential communities, and we convey knowledge about behavioral architecture and design through exhibition curation and design, in TV appearances and as moderators for debates at professional events.

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Residential communities

the bridge-feau
Furnishing of common rooms in the Senior housing community Broen
the balance-feau
Furnishing of common rooms for the senior housing community Balancen

Moderator, presenter and opinion leader

the balance-feau
Architecture for Communities at Folkemødet 2024

Moderator for the Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2021 for the Bolig til Hjem project, which is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Red Cross, the Architects' Association and Copenhagen's Almene Boligselskab.

Presenter for the Estate Media conference on the offices of the future in Denmark.

Moderator for Climate People's Meeting.

Moderator for Proptech.

the feau of the future
Host of video content for AKF and Kirkebjerg Søpark
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