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Together Architecture approach to their work

TOGETHER Architecture is an architectural firm that creates significant results for people through behavioral architecture. We work in a unique partner-based form of cooperation and typically do not sit in front of our customers, but next to them. We are fiercely preoccupied with the working life of the future, and are experimenting with forms of collaboration such as sprints and dedicated immersion time. 

We are an experienced team that can offer a secure process in any project. As an organisation, we are smaller and agile, and always put together the most relevant team for the individual task. We are driven by the end user's experience and by the fact that the customer's strategic ambitions are realised.

Architecture is for people and must therefore meet people. This can only be done by listening, asking and challenging. We therefore do this every time to create the optimal foundation for the collaboration. 

We prioritize being completely clear on the objectives that must be realized - ahead of finances. All our solutions affect people and by creating changes in the user's physical framework and work processes, we establish the basis for the desired behavior.

We consider sustainability in everything we do. We have great insight and can inspire at the desired level. We suggest environmentally conscious choices and have an extensive material library that can inspire and fulfill the company's ambition.


Together Architecture on sustainability

At Together Architecture, we look at sustainability from three angles: an environmental, a social and a psychological angle, all three of which are important parameters in our daily work and projects. Both in our own company and in the tasks we perform for our customers.

We use our knowledge of environmentally sustainable materials to keep a strong focus on the environmental footprint of furniture and other fixtures that we use in our projects. We are therefore always looking for opportunities for recycling and upcycling to create awareness of a different mindset and new view of aesthetics. We do that, among other things by reusing as much as possible of existing products and works with the Nordic Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel and B-Corp etc. It is important both for the future and for companies' ESG reporting.

Our internal focus on social sustainability comes i.a. expressed in flexible working conditions for our own employees and the training course of our interns. In projects, we rely on science and use behavioral architecture to promote behavior, well-being and health of our customers. Experience shows that it promotes both the retention and recruitment of staff when the surroundings are pleasant and safe to stay in. At the same time, it reflects positively on the company's finances and productivity.

We know how much it means to our body and mind that communities and social relationships function in a space on an equal footing with the sensory impressions that the space itself gives. Therefore, in close relation to social sustainability, we also focus on psychological gains by creating sensory elements in the working environment that meet individual needs and support employees' mental health and well-being. Again with a positive effect on productivity, finances and the overall working environment.

We want greater efforts to be made to reduce CO2 emissions in new construction and to promote the green transition. Therefore, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we support the initiative Reduction Roadmap.

Want to know more about Behavioral Architecture?

Behavior and space are connected. It matters where the bar is in the restaurant or where the coffee machine is located in the company.

With behavioral architecture, we consciously design spaces according to the behavior we want to promote and the experiences we want to create. We influence people's experience and behavior with sensory impressions that come through the choice of materials and the design of the room.

It is important that the surroundings are aesthetic, have a good indoor climate and support the social community. That is why we design based on evidence-based knowledge about the human body and psyche.

Many of us are surrounded by screens on a daily basis, and our nervous system thirsts for sensory experiences and the touch of natural materials. Sensory experiences help reduce stress and make the spaces we spend many hours in attractive. And who doesn't want employees who thrive, or not just a house, but a home?

Our approach to behavioral architecture is based on the whole person. This means that we design the rooms so that you get the greatest possible quality of life in your home, at work or in the city. There is room here for having a bad day, being very outgoing or needing silence. In other words, a whole person with many different needs.

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