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We are specialists in behavioral architecture.
Our field of work is the furnishing and transformation of business premises and residential communities, and we convey knowledge about behavioral architecture and design through exhibition curation and design, in TV appearances and as moderators for debates at professional events.

Read more about the various services below.

Business interior design

We use behavioral architecture to improve business productivity and people's quality of life by creating supportive work environments. Our approach combines expertise in office design and behavior change, based on solid research. 

We work with materials, acoustics, lighting and classic space planning. Everything we do is based on data rather than trends and trends and is backed by research and proven knowledge. 

We know what it takes for employees to want to show up physically at a workplace and in which settings we are most productive and inspired.  

We work with office design and behavior change based on evidence-based knowledge about how we can increase people's well-being and productivity at work. We adapt our approach to each company's strategy and values ​​to ensure consistency and relevance both internally and externally.

Today, work is no longer tied to one place, but is for many an activity with flexibility and variety. Traditional working hours are disappearing in favor of work anywhere, anytime. It makes some concrete demands on the company's offices. There may be money to be saved on office rent and operations, but at the same time it is necessary to offer employees a physical working environment that supports the company's culture and strategy.

The evaluation tool

At Together Architecture, we always work evidence-based with our interiors. Therefore, we recommend an investigation of how the company's m² is used in everyday life, and what your employees want to change or think works well. 

Be it everything from light and sound to atmosphere and social needs. We therefore measure both value-based elements and architectural elements. 

Gain insight into optimization options
With our evaluation tool, we uncover the use of your office, meeting rooms and common areas and uncover the employees' behavior patterns and wishes.

The measurement provides certainty as to what hidden problems there may be with the physical working environment, whether the square meters are used optimally, whether the lighting is good enough, and how the employees experience daily life in terms of being able to solve their tasks efficiently.

Residential communities

Housing communities form small living communities where residents do not just share a roof and bricks. They also share community, facilities and responsibilities. At Together Architecture, we use evidence-based knowledge in everything we do and therefore know how to create communities that have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Our interior design concepts consist of carefully selected sustainable furniture as well as donations from the housing association's own residents.

We create a common thread in the interior design and increase the sense of ownership from a sustainability perspective, namely recycling instead of throwing away and buying new. 

At Together Architecture, we succeed in a successful interior design in a housing community when we help create a space where the residents feel like part of something bigger, where they can thrive and grow together. A living and dynamic society where people can feel at home at all times in life.

Professional communication

Contact us if you need an experienced host for conferences, events and debates. We can confidently bring energy, professionalism, relevance and presence to interviews and panel debates. We have done this for clients such as the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the Red Cross, Fritz Hansen, Samsung, Proptech, the Ministry of Business.

We are also happy to provide a professional presentation on behavioral architecture, the new working life, communities in homes or cities, trends in architecture, living arrangements and design or whatever we agree. We have, among other things, helped Danish Industry, the People's Meeting with Realdania, Estate Media, the Climate People's Meeting with Bolius, the Danish Architecture Center and Bo Better.

We also like to participate in podcasts, article series and video content. Some of those we have done it for are Politiken, Boligmagasinet, Mad & Bolig, Danish Architecture Center, AKF and Frame.

Exhibitions and branded spaces

We are experienced exhibition designers and curators, and have communicated clearly and conceptually for both the Danish Architecture Center, the Danish Design Center and the Danish Cultural Institute. Both in relation to exhibition architecture, content and angle of exhibitions as well as marketing and press.

Should your company be branded at a fair or exhibition, we have extensive experience with beautiful and involving exhibitions that tap into your company's DNA and brand the company in the best possible way.

When we start a dissemination project, we always begin by clarifying the objectives and the target group. Then we move on to the development of the specific project.

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