Danish Dinner

Danish design history told through the scenography of a dinner party. Danish Design Exhibition for the Danish Cultural Institute in Skt Petersburg at The Academy of Fine Arts, December 2017. The essence of being Danish is to be invited home. In the same spirit, with the exhibition The Danish Dinner, we invite the audience in to a scene of the after- math of a large, boheme dinner party. It will be an eclectic mix of design from different ages and styles, when the table is set with furniture, porcelain, glass, cutlery, lighting, decorative objects, textiles and much more all in very high quality. In Italy the money is spent on clothes, cars and eating out. In the cold of Denmark, the income is spend on decorating one’s home to perfection, simply because Danes invite each other home to dinner parties, cook, light candles and enjoy the hygge. Learning from conversation with Russian design professional, we understand that they perceive Danish design rather understated, with the focus on quality, materials and shape. ”You Danes are not wild and crazy!” Maybe we are not, or maybe crazy lies beneath the surface. We want to play with the notion of understatement, and have all furniture and design in grey. Shades of white and light grey to the darkest tones, combining materials and textures to a stilleben or a night vision. The curtain is made from see-through coloured pvc strips, that offers various experiences of the objects, and the audience is encouraged to play with photographing the object through the different ”lenses of colour” and also to draw the curtain aside, to interact with the optical illusion messing with our colour perception. Project employee: Susannah Odlaug Photos by: Maria Istomina Poster design: e-types EXHIBITORS: &Tradition Carl Hansen & Søn Ferm Living Fritz Hansen Georg Jensen Gubi Kähler Design Louise Hindsgavl Menu MillionCph Muuto Newworks Normann Copenhagen One Collection PP Møbler