Podcast: Architecture City

New podcast series THE ARCHITECTURE CITY created for The Danish Architecture Center.

First episode:

Are we afraid of architectural change? Or why do radical buildings often stir up debate? We explore how BLOX in Copenhagen – new home of the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) – is transforming a significant harbor site. OMA architect Ellen Van Loon and DAC Director Kent Martinussen chat with host Frederikke Aagaard about the design of this new landmark and the conversation it is sparking in the city.

As a citizen in the architecture city of Copenhagen, I consider us on the forefront of design, sustainability, gay marriages, what not! But are we afraid of high risers? How come it’s always such a fuss every time something new and big is being build?

This is the opening question, that host Frederikke Aagaard aims to answer with BLOX as an example.

The Podcast is in English.

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Created, hosted and produced

  • by Frederikke Aagaard

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  • Rasmus Hjortshøj/DAC

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